Postpartum program

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1.    This plan is prepared to help you get back to feeling strong and good about yourself again.

2.    The workouts will be sent for every 4 weeks. I.e. you will receive week 1 to 4 then week 5 to 8 on week 4 etc.

3.    This plan costs Ksh. 3000/- for a meal plan and a workout plan.

4.    I will require your number as I would like to open a private WhatsApp group where we can motivate each other or where you can ask any questions/ voice concerns. This will be more convenient for me to offer support.

5.    I will send videos of each movement on the WhatsApp group

What you will get with the program:

  1. 12 Weeks of Comprehensive Programming with progressive load to help you burn fat, build muscle and strength.

  2. Nutrition Plan  with Plant-based (Vegan), Omnivore, and Vegetarian Options

  3. Easy to Follow home program and nutrition plan.

What you will learn through this program:

  1. What foods to eat to achieve your goals while improving your health and overall body composition.

  2. Portion control and timing of meals.

  3. How to train effectively with weekly progression.

  4. New movements and good form.

FAQs Answered

  • Email support.

  • The plan is delivered by pdf format. 

  • Available WORLDWIDE.

  • No Equipment required 

  • For women.

Group Training (Currently on hold till July)