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Anywher Workout Guide | Shiv Simani


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Shiv's approach is all rounded- at the gym & in the kitchen. At the gym, it is
not only about losing weight, he also looks to build your strength, agility (mental
& body), stamina and endurance through constantly challenging you to be your
best. I can now confidently rock 2-piece bikini, pull a school girl look :), wear those shorts in my holiday, show up in a dinner party looking and feeling elegant ...just to name but a few. So, working out is a lifestyle for me!

It's been an amazing experience working out with Mr. Simani, the workout program
is well thought out and I have gotten stronger over the 2 years, I have trained with Shiv. For me working out is now a lifestyle and loving every minute of it, even though the leg days that leave me sore and all

Shiv is a well-rounded trainer; he's knowledgeable not only about exercise but
nutrition too which of course plays a big role in anyone's fitness goals. I came to Shiv
looking for a specific assistance and he not only provided a simple and measurable
routine but answered all of my questions regarding my goal. Shiv is patient and kind
yet pushes and encourages you to stick to your routine and reach your goals.
Overall, I'm really happy with my experience and hope to continue working together.

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